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Roger was disappointed that he could not find Albert in the LNWR's Book of Remembrance. However, in April 2001, Albert's Record Card was discovered among the thousands of cards which are held in the archive at Milton Keynes Museum. The card records that he "Left without Notice" - which may be the reason that he is not mentioned in the Book of Remembrance.
The card shows that Albert was engaged on 4th July 1913 as an apprentice fitter in The 'Bogie' (sic) Shop. On 29th June 1914 the card shows he was moved to the Fitting Shop. He was earning 5-/ per week.
Albert expressed an intention to continue with his trade - as he wrote to May (see Letter 2), "Tell Dad I am going to follow up fitting and turning, study with my books when I get a case...."
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