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Pic - Bronze Age Gold Torc
Title- Archaeological treasures on the doorstep of Milton Keynes Museum
People tend to think that Milton Keynes has no history, but did you know that the archaeological landscape of Milton Keynes is one of the most extensively studied in Britain?

Use this web page and the clickable images to investigate the archaeological sites and artefacts found at Bancroft and Blue Bridge, part of the old farmland of Stacey Hill Farm, now Milton Keynes Museum. Explore the largest Bronze Age round house in Britain and a grand Roman villa.

Clock, timeline of Milton Keynes Archaeology15 century - today, what would you call this period?medieval 1066 ADSaxon 450 ADRoman Britian 43 ADIron Age 800 BCBronze Age 2,000 BCNeolithic 4,000 BCMesolithic 10,000BC
Explore the clock!
To find out more about the heritage of Milton Keynes, and see the replica Bronze Age gold torcs (pictured above) visit Milton Keynes Museum!

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