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We are Paul and Kathi, a husband and wife detecting team who have 15 years of detecting experience between us. We have been detecting and recording finds for a number of years in England but specifically in two villages which are local to us. Stoke Bruerne in South Northamtonshire which is on the Northants/Bucks border and Hanslope which is in Buckinghamshire. The two villages are separated by about a 10 minute car drive. All the finds over 300 years old are recorded (with photographs) on the Portable Antiquities Site, the organisation and website are invaluable resources in the present day world and are a showcase of what can be gained by co-operation between Detectorists and those with a direct involvement or employment in our countries history.

We have recorded and retained all finds from these fields, from Neolithic flakes through to the Bronze/Roman/Early and later Medieval/Post Medieval and Modern to try and give as complete a timeline of the villages' history as possible, more details on each village will be given on the opening pages for them. To date no Viking artefacts have been found and only a few from the Saxon period, however this is an on-going project, and as long as we enjoy good health and have permission to detect and record on these fields, we will continue to ensure this website will be a living archive, updated yearly as and when the crop rotation will allow.