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Tour of St Lawrence Church

22. Westernmost window on south wall of south aisle
Image of stained glass window

The fifth window at the west end of the south aisle is also attributed to H.A. Hymers of Chelsea. It was erected by the Freemasons of the Province.

1 a-b: Inscription: To the Glory of God and in memory of / Bro George Osborn PPGSW Northant and Hunts / PM Fidelity 445 Towcester Born July 8th 1813 Died / Jan 2nd 1894.

1-3 a: visiting the sick.
1-3 b: visiting the imprisoned.
4-6 a: giving food to the hungry.
4-6 b: welcoming the stranger. (Matthew 25: 35-36)
7-7 a-b: canopy work.