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St Lawrence Church, Towcester-Monumental Inscriptions

Caroli Sabin
Image of memorial to Carol Sabin
South wall of Sponne's chapel on an oblong tablet of white marble, within a veined border:

"Memorie Sacrum
Caroli Heath Sabin Chirurgi
(filii Edwardi Sabin)
cujus cineres
aeque ac cineres patris sui
juxta depositi sunt
mortem obit
die vicesimo quinto septembris
aetate 49
Bene amatus valde defletus"

Item Annae Sabin
Ejusdem Caroli Viduae;
Quae mortem obiit
Die duodecimo Novembris 1868
annos nata tres et octoginta
et sepulta est in
coemeterio de Kensall green