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St Lawrence Church, Towcester
Benefaction Boards 1793
On the walls in the west entrance under the tower hang the benefaction boards
Image of Benefaction Board 1793
Image of Benefaction Board 1793
Benefaction Board on the left 1793
Mr.Thomas Bickerstaff Citizen of London, born at Towcester, at his own Charge Erected three Almshouses for three ancient People of this town by his last will dated January 20, 1695. Also Gave the sum of 250 Pounds which by Trustees according to his order was laid out in Land in Farthingstone and by a Late inclosure 28 acres near Snoscomb Grounds alloted in lieu thereof the Benifit of which is for repairing the said houses and Maintenance of the said People with Bread or Money & Clothing once in two Years.
John Jones Gent. By will dated May 4th 1694 Gave 4 Acres of Land lying in the Field of Caldecote in this Parish part of the yearly rent to be laid out in bread, to be distributed to the Poor of Towcester Quarterly and the residue for the Gravemaker as by liberty given by his will his Relict and Executrix Ann Jones hath appointed in her last will dated Dec. 25th 1699.
Ann Jones Relict of John Jones aforementioned by deed dated July 20th 1697 gave a close in the liberty of Abthopre the Yearly rent of which is for the Teaching of 6 boys in this Parish.
Richard Ratnett Gent. By will dated May 3rd 1738 Gave the Yearly sum of Forty Shillings for teaching two Boys in the Grammer School in Towcester and charged certain Lands in the Parish of Greens Norton with the Payment thereof.
Mr.Joseph Sanders Attorney By will dated April 18th 1704 after Debts and legacies Paid did devise the overplus of his Estate to be Laid out in Lands or Tenements the Yearly rents of which are for the Teaching of Boys in the free School in Towcester to be equally chosen from the Parishes of Towcester and Greens Norton and Providing them with books according to which will the Executors have Purchased an Yearly rent charg'd upon Lands in Abthorpe to the Value of Five Pounds one Shilling Yearly.
Willm. Henchman Gave the Treble May 25th 1726 to make a Ring of 6 Bells.

November 20th 1776
Joseph Newman The Execitrix of Joseph Newman late of Towcester Ironmonger Gave one Hundred Pounds to the Trustees of the Alms houses Founded by the aforesaid Thos. Bickerstaff for the Alms house persons.Also Eighty Pounds was on Oct. 26th 1789 Given by an unknown Person to the said Alms houses and both the said Sums are invested in the 3p. Cent.consolidated Bank Annuitys by certain Feoffes whereof the last Sum is to buy Coals or Wood for Firing for the Alms houses People.
Board on the right 1793
Mr Wm. Sheppard Mercer in Towcester, gave to the Poor of the Parish the Sum of ten Shillings a Year to be Paid out of Land, now a Close, of the late Jos. Hill's near Blackwell containing 3 acres 2 rods 34 perch
John Sheppard Son of the said Wm, gave to the Poor five Shillings a Year for ever, to be paid out of the same Land.
Frances George Widdow of John George of Towcester, Cordwainer and Daughter of John Sheppard, gave the yearly Sum of five shillings to be paid to five poor Widdows on Good Friday and charg'd the afore-said Land for Payment.
Richard Bland Innholder, gave to the Poor of this Parish the sum of 20 Shillings a Year and tied house late in the Possession of Mr John Tew for Payment of the same.
Willm. Slater Citizen of London, gave a Silver Cup and Cover to this Parish Church, to be used only at the communion.
Mrs.Phillipa Russell Gave a Silver Flaggon for the same use.
John Clark Mercer in Towcester gave Forty Shillings a Year to the Poor of the said town and charged a Farm in Tiffield in this County, the property of Samuel Bealey containing about 99 Acres.
Mr. Thos. Cleave Gave 5d for the income thereof to be laid out in Bread to be distributed weekly to the Poor of Towcester which 50, was laid out in Land in Woodend field and by a late Inclosure of that field a Close containing 7 acres 3 roods 16 perch lying on the North East of that Town is allotted in liew therof.
Jane Leeson Gave forty Shillings a Year to the Poor of Towcester for ever and tied certain Lands at Abthorpe for the Payment thereof.
Willm. Perry By will dated October 15th 1691 Gave a piece of Ground "?" Feet by "?" Feet (details not completed on charity board) in George and Plowyard in the parish of St Margaret's Westminster faceing the Broadway (on Part thereof stood two Houses) for teaching two poor Boys in this Town yearly. Also providing them with Orange colour'd Coats and caps once in two Years at the discretion of the Church Wardens.
Sir George Farmor Knt. Gave Six Pounds to the Poor of Towcester, the Interest of which is to be given away on Good-Friday to the poorest Widows in the Parish. This sum of Six Shillings is paid by the Feoffees of Sponne's Charity to the Church wardens and Overseers of the Poor, for the time being.