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St Lawrence Church, Towcester
List of Benefactions 1836 - 7
Image of Benefaction Board 1836
List of Benefactions
When this Church was repewed and beautified
A.D. 1836-7

Incorporated Society for promoting the enlargement,
building & repairing of Churches
300 0 0
Trustees of Hick's Charity 200 0 0
John Lovell Esq & Mrs. Ann Sabin, presented
the handsome Painted Glass window, which is
at the East End of the Chancel.

Sam. Deacon Esq. gave the Cloth & Cushions for
the Communion Table & Cushions for the Pulpit &
Reading Desk, all of the most costly Crimson Velvet
with Gold Fringe & Tassels to correspond.
Also towards the expences of errecting a Vestry, the sum of
18 2 10
Henry Elliott Esq. of Heathencote, gave towards
the beautifying & Improving the Altarpiece
50 0 0
The Honorable Henry Ryder, D. D. Lord Bishop
of Litchfield & Coventry
30 0 0
The Revd. A. J. Ram, the Vicar 26 15 0
The Revd. W Pennefather, the Books for the
Communion Service

Mr John Gurney, the Chairs for the Communion Table

Wm. Grant Esq. of Litchborough, gave towards
improving the Doors & Porch at the South entrance.
15 0 0