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Image of Sponne shield St Lawrence Church, Towcester

T. Trotter's coloured engraving of monuments on the south wall of the church 1802

Image of Trotter's coloured engraving
Trotter's inscription at bottom:

"Antique and Curious Painting in the Church of Towcester Northamptonshire. This Painting of the Pelican in a Gothique niche on the South wall, feeding her young with her own blood on a wreath in the form of a crest, in all probability was placed there in compliment to the memory of William Sponn Rector of this Church in the Reign of Henry VI for his Parental care not only in a Spiritual but in a Temporal sense in his donations to the Poor and benefactions in general to the Town and inhabitants of Towcester, it is well preserved and is certainly a curious relique, the Tablet to the right contains nothing remarkable, the staircase to the South gallery is introduced to shew the local situation."