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Young Heritage Hunters

Students of Knowles Junior School made a film after talking to teachers and pupils about the changes at the school.

Researching and recording your school history

Young Heritage Hunters from Knowles Junior School and Thornton College undertook two very different projects to record and research their schools' history.

Knowles Junior School has a history spanning nearly 100 years - it has existed in many different guises over the years. In September 2012 it combined with the infant school nearby to become a primary school. In order to remember the school some of the children interviewed teachers, cleaners, governors and other pupils. During the course of the project we learnt about oral history and how to carry out oral history interviews. The children took pictures of the school and carried out oral history interviews which were recorded and edited into a film.

Knowles School

Thornton College has a lot of material about the school, which was previously a manor house. The research was compiled by local historian Bryan Egan. Much of the research is available on the Thornton website.

However a lot of the material was in a box. We did some work organising the material so that it could be found and used more easily, and creating a catalogue so that documents and photographs would be easier to find.

As a result of these two projects a teachers' guide has been written on how to research and record your school's history for future generations.