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Bucks Police Officer

Alphabetical list of Bucks Police Officers (1857/1968)

My research into the Buckinghamshire Constabulary has taken many years, lots of emails and letters, as well as trips to Aylesbury and other places. Over the years I have received help from retired Bucks Officers and their families which has culminated in comprehensive service records of around 2,000 Bucks Officers and over 2,000 photographs .

The setting up of this website and my research is for present and future generations to find out about the Bucks Constabulary and the people who served in it.

You will see on this page an index in alphabetical order of the surnames of police officers who served in the Bucks Constabulary between 1857 and 1968. By clicking on the letter it will take you to a page listing the officers' surnames, which are completely in alphabetical order. This will tell you if I have a full or part record of the individual and if I have any photographs.

If you require a copy of the records and any photographs that may be present, email me with the officer's full name to

No records are available for Bucks officers between 1950 and 1968.

I would ask that in return for the information, a photograph of the individual be emailed to me to add to my collection if you have one.

In all cases please email me in the first instance.

Mick Shaw

Pages last updated 8th December 2013

Key to Abbreviations on the Apphabetical list of Bucks Officers pages.


Full = Complete Record

Plus Extra = Extra information, story or similar.

Mostly Complete = Record is completed as much

as possible at this time.

Part = Only part of a record, this could mean a

small part or quite a lot of information but

further research is needed.

PC = Police Constable

WPC = Woman Police Constable

TC = Temporary Constable

SC = Special Constable

Sgt = Sergeant

Ins = Inspector

C/Ins = Chief Inspector

Supt = Superintendent

C/Supt = Chief Superintendent

CC = Chief Constable

DCC = Deputy Chief Constable

ACC = Assistant Chief Constable

CC C/Wycombe = Chief Constable of Chepping Wycombe

WRO = War Reserve Officer

WAPC = Women’s Auxiliary Police Corps

WPI = Woman Police Inspector

N/K = Not Known

T/ - Temporary

NNI = No Number Issued