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Amy Lucy Bavington nee Flavell
Harry Bavington
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BAVINGTON Frederick Harry Leamington Cottages
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BAVINGTON Joseph John Harry Leamington Cottages

Burials 1850: Elizabeth Meadows aged 52 - Little Leamington

Burials 1850: Joseph Meadows aged 31 - Little Leamington

Burials 1853 : Ephraim aged 62 - Little Leamington

Burials 1866: Daniel Gostlow aged 75 - Little Leamington

Baptisms: 1871: Ernest Nicholls son of James and Charlotte - Little Leamington

Census 1881: Clara Nicholls aged 18 Servant - Born at Little Leamington 1863

Baptisms 1887: Amelia Elizabeth Hillyer daughter of Alfred and Eliza - Little Leamington

Baptisms 1898: Mabel Caroline Hillyer daughter of Alfred and Eliza Ann - Little Leamington

Northampton Mercury 14 March 1913


Dear Uncle Dick, —I am writing to you the first time, but I have written several times to the other Uncle Dick. How early everything is this year! The snowdrops in our garden are all over, and I have found several wild violets out. We have about six hundred daffodils flowering in our garden so they will make a nice show won’t they? The weather this year has been very good for the birds, they can find plenty of insects.
We have lots of Sparrows round our house, and one of them is such a pert little fellow As soon as we have shaken the table cloth he flies down to pick the crumbs without waiting for us to go away. Our house is about mile from the village, and as there are two three spinneys near by, we hear the birds singing all day long.
I have left school now, but I am staying at home with mother, and sometimes I do a bit of pillow-lace to pass the time away. I still go to Sunday school, and I enjoy the walk very much in the mornings. While I out for a walk the other afternoon, I found quite nice little bunch of primroses, and they reminded that Spring will soon be here. The trees too, are shooting, and the elderberry tree has already got its leaves. I am sorry that I cannot send you my photograph, but I haven’t had it taken for several rears. I hope some day to see you, even though do live some distance from Northampton. Well, I do not think I have anything more to tell you, so will close with best love to you and Auntie Dick, from your loving Niece, MABEL HILLYER, Leamington Cottage. Castlethorpe.
I thank Mabel for her good letter. Please write again.

In June 1917 a photograph of Private J. A. Cowley , the son of, Mr. Cowley of Leamington Cottage Farm, Castlethorpe, appeared in the local press. He was serving in Mesopotamia, and in the photo was seen reading a copy of the newspaper.

1920 Sale: Leamington Cottages and Land: C. A. Cowley House & Mrs. Hillier's Cottage. (This Lot was sold to Mr. C. A. Cowley before the auction.)

Castlethorpe Estate Sale September 1920 - Leamington Cottages and Land

Northampton Mercury 24 May 1935

By direction Mr. R. J. Mayes.
known "Leamington Farm,"

Situate in the Parish of Hanslope and Castlethorpe, and comprising area about 44 Acres, mainly grass; together with the House and Farm Buildings, as now in the occupation of the Owner, Mr. R. J. Mayes.

Northampton Mercury 21 June 1935

Bidding for Leamington Farm, Castlethorpe, commenced at £1,000 and the property was withdrawn at £2,000.

Northampton Mercury 11 March 1938




Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Robert Mayes, formerly of Northampton, celebrated their diamond wedding at the home of  their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. John Hiorns, of Park Farm, Sandford St. Martin, near Deddrington, Oxon. A telegram of congratulations was received from the King and Queen.
Mr. Mayes was for a long time a coal merchant at Northampton and had office in Abington-street. He interested himself in many charitable organisations, including the Blind Committee, National Lifeboat Institution and Fresh Air Fund. He went into retirement about five years ago.


Our North Bucks representative called at Lodge Farm Castlethorpe, the residence of one of the two sons, Mr. Reginald James Mayes, where Mrs. Mayes informed him that the old couple who were married at All Saints’ Church, Northampton, on March 7, 1878, and are both 83 years of age, enjoy the best of health.
The other son, Mr. Henry Mayes, lives in Broadway, Northampton.
Sir James Edmondson, Member of Parliament for the Banbury Division, who lives in Sandford St. Martin, made a personal call, and shook hands with the old couple, wishing them happiness. He also brought a beautiful bowl of flowers, which was much admired.

Northampton Mercury 19 May 1939


Mr. Thomas Robert Mayes. of Sandford St. Martin, Oxford, and formerly of Bostock-avenue. Northampton, coal merchant, who died on November 24 last, left £5,178 5s. 4d., with net personalty £4,135 14s. 10d.
The will, with two codicils, is proved by Reginald James Mayes, of Castlethorpe, son, and Alice Hirons, of Sandford St. Martin, daughter.
He gives the personal effects to his wife.
£50 each to his grandchildren;
1,228 ordinary shares in the Northampton Electric Light and Power Co. and shares in Lever Bros, to his wife for life and then for his daughter. Alice Hirons:
Shares in Jeffery, Son, and Co. and P. Phipps and Co. to his wife for life, and then to his son Reginald James;
Two houses in Bostock-avenue to his wife for life, and then between his son and daughter, and the residue to his wife.

Northampton Mercury 02 March 1951

For Sale. Three Young Pedigree Attested Hereford Bulls, suitable for crossing purposes.—R. J. Mayes. Leamington Farm. Castlethorpe. Wolverton. Bucks. Phone Hanslope 235