List of Bucks Electors 1713 - Castlethorpe

A list of the Names of the Person
Together with the
Places of their Freehold and Abode
Who voted for
Knights of the Shire
For the County of
At the last Election held at Aylesbury September the Second and Third, 1713


The Right Honourable John Verney 2018
Lord Viscount Fermannagh
John Fletewode, Esq. 2061
Sir Edmund Denton, Bar 1907
Richard Hamden, Esq. 1942

Note Where the Freeholders declared the Place of their Abode different and at other Places from where their Freeholds lay, is here specified in the second column

Newport Hundred

Charles Panter
Richard Perrot
Charles Panter
William Gaddesden
Samuel Sherrington pt. Hanslape
James Nicholls Places of abode Potters Perry, Co. Northampton
Thomas Nicholls
John Johnson
Thomas Salmon
John Watts
Thomas Truelove
James Nicholls