Parish Church of SS Simon & Jude, Castlethorpe Book. Dr Colin Wilson for help with the heraldic descriptions

See: Parish Church of SS Simon & Jude, Cannon Window,
for images of the arms and more details of the Lords of the Manor.

From 1471, sometimes known as “Hanslope alias Castlethorpe Manor”.

MAUDUIT 1123 – 1237 Mauduits were granted the barony by Henry I. Sir William Mauduit became 8th Earl of Warwick.
Argent two bars gules.

NEWBURGH 1237 – 1268 Alice Newburgh, daughter of 4th Earl of Warwick, married Sir William Maudit: son of William, 8th Earl.
Checky or and azure, a chevron ermine.

BEAUCHAMP 1213 -1396 and 1399 – 1450 Sir William Maudit’s heir as 9th Earl of Warwick was his nephew, William Beauchamp.
Grules a fesse between six crosslets or.

THOMAS DE MOWBRAY, Duke of Norfolk 1397 The Manor granted upon its forfeiture from Warwicks.
Grules a lion rampart argent

EDMUND OF LANGLEY, Duke of York 1398 – 1399 1st Duke of York.
Royal Arms with label of three points with three torteaux.

RICHARD NEVILL, Earl of Warwick and Earl of Salibury 1450 – 1471 Known as the “King Maker”.
Gules a saltire argent and a label and compony argent and azure.

RICHARD, DUKE OF GLOUCESTER, (Richard III) 1471 – 1485 Inherited from his father-in-law, Richard Nevill.
Royal arms and a label of three points ermine with a canton gules.

TUDOR SOVEREIGNS 1488 – 1550 Henry VII – Mary.
Royal Arms.

PRINCESS ELIZABETH (Elizabeth I ) 1550 – 1603
Royal arms on a lozenge (for a woman) with a label.

ANNE OF DENMARK, ( Queen of James I ) 1603 – 1619.
Royal Arms of Denmark.

PRINCE CHARLES (Charles I) 1619 -1628
Arms of the Prince of Wales.

PENNINGTON 1628 – 1663 Granted by trustees of the Prince of Wales.
Or five fusils in fesse azure.

TYRRELL 1663 – 1709 Bought from the Penningtons. Sir Thomas was a High Court Judge and is buried in the Church.
Argent 2 chevrons azure and a border engrailed gules.

LORD PIERREPOINT of Ardglass 1709 – 1715 Bought from the Tyrrells: already owned Hanslope Park.
Argent powdered with cinqfoils gules a lion sable.

DUKE of KINGSTON 1715 – 1764 Evelyn, the last Duke, was the nephew and heir to Lord Pierrepoint.
Argent, smee of cinquefoils, a lion rampant sable.

WATTS 1764 – 1933
Azure three arrows or and a chief or with three Moors’ heads sable cut of at the neck therein.


HANSLOPE PARK: the demesne detached from Castlethorpe c1633. The following families have owned it: Brent 1670 – 1695. Pierrepoint 1697 and Watts 1764 – 1933.

DIGBY 1633 – 1670 Sir Kenelm 1633 – 1649 of Gayhurst and his brother John 1649 – 1670. Their father, Sir Everard Digby, was a friend of Catesby’s a conspirator in the ‘Gunpowder Plot’. He himself was hung, drawn and quartered outside St. Paul’s. Kenelm was 3 years of age at the time.
Azure a fleur-de-lis argent.

These were owned by the families of Slade 1522, Wren & Knight 1528, Butler 1569, Troughton 1587, Tyrrell 1626 and Skinner and others 1726. It was bought by.

SARAH SPENCER-CHURCHILL Duchess of Malbourough 1726 – 1731 Friend of Queen Anne.
Arms of Malborough on a lozenge.

Or a chevron between three demi-griffins sable.

(subordinate to Hanslope Manor)

The family of Tothall were tenants in the early 13th century. The following families have held the manor. Tothall to 1316, Barry 1316 – 1402, Brampton 1402, Stone 1540, Lee 1568, Andrew 1571, Troughton 1574, Romney 1610, Atkinson 1615, who sold to:

LANE 1632 – 1748 Bought by Richard, whose wife was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Tyrrell.
Party azure and gules 3 saltires argent

WAKE-JONES & WAKE 1748 – 1802 Sir Charles inherited from his grandfather Edward Lane and eventually sold to the Watts in 1802.
Wake arms: Or two bars with 3 roundels in chief gules.

(subordinate to Hanslope Manor).
It derived its name from Thomas Stokes (15th century)

HAMPDEN c.1585 – 1617 Sir Alexander inherited from the Stokes family.
Argent a saltire gules between four eagles displayed azure.

WENMAN 1617 – 1650 Thomas, Lord Wenman was married to Sir Alexander Hampden’s niece, Margaret.
Per pale gules and azure across patonce or.

JAMES, EARL OF SUFFOLK 1650 – 1653 Inherited from his wife, whose first husband was Lord Wenman’s son.
Gules on a bend between six crosslets fitchee argent, an escutcheon or, charged with a demi-lion rampant pierced through the mouth with an arrow, within double tressure flory counterflory gules.

HERBERT 1653 – 1713 Sir Henry Herbert, younger brother of Edward, first Lord Herbert of Chirbury, inherited
Party azure and gules three lions or.

HOWE 1713 – 1774 James Howe bought from Henry Herbert. Richard Viscount Howe, his son’s executor, sold to the Watts.
Or a fesse between three wolves’ heads couped sable.

At Bullington End.

The origin of the name appears to derive from Hugh Wolf who held the land in feoff to Sir William Mauduit. By the 15th century it had passed to a family called Knight, one of whom married Eleanor, daughter of Reynburne, 3rd son of Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick. Their daughter and heir married William Forster c.1560.

WOLF Before 1166 – 15th century.
Gules two wolves passant argent.

FORSTER 1595 – 1663 John and Emma Knight’s daughter and heir, Emma, married William Forster.
Sable a chevron engrailed between arrows argent.