To Let

Northampton Mercury 25 April 1840


Newly-erected DWELLING-HOUSE and SHOP, at CASTLETHORPE, Bucks, situate in the most eligible part of the Village, within a short distance of the Wolverton Station on the London and Birmingham Railway, and well calculated for a trade of any description.

For view apply to Mr. RICHARD SODEN, Castlethorpe; and for particulars to him or to Mr. John Solicitor, Stony-Stratford.

Northampton Mercury 19 February 1842


With immediate Possession,

A Very compact and genteel RESIDENCE, with well cultivated garden and orchard attached, most desirably situate the pleasant Village of CASTLETHORPE, Bucks, and but a short distance from Wolverton Station, on the London and Birmingham Railway. For particulars, apply to Mr. John Parrott, Solicitor, Stony Stratford.

Northampton Mercury 22 August 1846

At CASTLETHORPE, near Stony Stratford, Bucks,

HOUSE and PREMISES which have for many years been occupied as Butcher's Shop, with Grocery business attached to it; with stable, etc. yard and garden. Rent £12. per annum, including; the use of the fixtures.—Apply to Mr. R. Soden, at the Pea Hen Inn, Castlethorpe. Distance from the Wolverton Station miles.

Northampton Mercury 27 April 1861


A Comfortable COTTAGE RESIDENCE, at CASTLETHORPE, Bucks, with requisite conveniences and good GARDEN attached.
The Premises are within an easy distance the Wolverton Station.
Apply to Mr. Parrott, Solicitor, Stony Stratford.

Northampton Mercury 03 January 1885


TO BE LET, on tenancies from year to year, from 6th April, 1885, the following very desirable Farms:-
The LINCOLN LODGE FARM, situate at Hanslope, containing 282 a. 3r. 7p.of which 140a 3r. 7p are Arable, 72a Pasture, and 70a. Meadow, as the same farm is now in the occupation of the Executors of the late Mr. George Checkley.

Also at CASTLETHORPE, LODGE FARM, situate - Castlethorpe. containing 231a. 0r. 15p., which about 166a. 2r. 38p. are Arable, 51a. 1r. 17p Pasture, and 13 acres Meadow, the same is now the occupation of Mr. William Grimes.
For further particulars, apply to Mr. F. Bartholomew Waddington, near Lincoln, Agent of the Corporation at Lincoln, who are the owners of the property ; or J. TWEED, Town Clerk, Lincoln. Guildhall, Lincoln 29th December, 1884.

Northampton Mercury 12 June 1903

WIDOW Offers one STTTTNG-ROOM and BEDROOM, with or without Board; country cottage, pleasantly situated, eight minutes' walk from station. Moderate terms. —Address, Mrs. Owen Nichols, Castlethorpe, Stony Stratford, Bucks.

Note: Owen Nicholls buried 14th February 1903 aged 44.

Northampton Mercury 10 June 1932

TO LET, at Castlethorpe (Bucks), double-fronted House and Shop, conveniently situated, containing 2 sitting-rooms, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, 3 attics and 2 cellars, with additional sitting-room at rear of shop. All in good order. Shop and sitting-room could be sub-let if desired. Key to view at Carrington Arms.—Apply Hopcraft and Norris, Ltd., Brewers, Daventry.