The History of the Building
The following is a brief history of the major additions and reconstructions through the Centuries.

The 12th. Century.
The church was built by William Maudit in 1160. The building was the size of the present chancel and nave, but without the clearstory.
The 13th. Century
The north and south aisles were built.
Later in the Century the chapel adjoining the chancel was built, also at the same time the chancel east wall was re-built.
The north aisle was extended eastwards to join the chapel.
The 14th. Century.
An extra bay was added to the south aisle to bring it to its present size.
The 15th. Century.
The then rector Thomas Knight built the tower and spire early in the century.
The north aisle was re-built.
Later in the Century the present nave arcades were built and a clearstory added along with both porches.
The 19th. Century.
The spire was completely re-built after the old one was destroyed in a storm of 1804.