1779 Survey of Watts Estate

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1 Farm of 230 acres either side of road from Bozenham Mill to Hanslope, let to John Aris
3 Farm of 144 acres along norhern boundary of Hanslope parish, let to Thomas Crick
4 Farm of 236 acres at Pindon End, let to John Nichols
5 Farm of 280 acres at Hungate End, let to Thomas Adams
7 Farm of 124 acres located south of Hungate End, let to John Neal
8 Farm of 139 acres further south from Hungate End, let to John Adams
9 Farm of 219 acres around Long Street, let to William Crick
11 Farm of 124 acres around Spiney Lodge, let to James Fretter
12 Farm of 167 acres around Little Wood farm, let to Joseph Tite
13 Farm of 185 acres stretching south from Manor farm, let to Henry Atterbury
15 Farm of 550 acres surounding Hanslope Park, including Bullington End, let to Henry Smith
17 Letting of house on Stocking Green, and around great house north of village
18 Letting of houses in centre of Hanslope village
20 Summary of acrage (last page)

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