1818 Survey of Watts Estate

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Previous page The following is a copy of page 54 of the Survey of the Estate of Edward Watts. 

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  1818 Watts Survey page 54  
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Note: Many pages in in the survey binder are not used, and are not displayed here. 
The page are not used because the surveyor has adopted the following rules:

  • Maps are always on odd numbered pages (the left page when the binder is opened),
    so the lists of field names can be on the next, even-numbered, facing page.
  • The backs of pages containing maps are never used.
The following is a typical example:
left page right page
13. Map of Adams's Farm          14.List of fields in Adams Farm
15. blank (no use for it) 16. blank (back of next map)
17. Map of Cleaver's Farm 18. ......
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