1818 Survey of Watts Estate

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2 Land around Hanslope Park (land in hand) 1
6 Farm of 431 acres at Tathall End, let to William Worley 5
10 Farm of 389 acres at Hungate End, let to Edward Esmy Hall 9
14 Farm of 332 acres around Long Street, and part of Spinney Lodge, let to John Adams 13
18 Farm of 267 acres stretching south from Manor farm, let to William Cleaver 17
22 Farm of 238 acres at Pindon End, let to Thomas Taylor 21
26 Farm of 233 acres either side of road from Bozenham Mill to Hanslope, let to John Caporn 25
30 Farm of 228 acres along norhern boundary of Hanslope parish, let to Giles Hall 29
34 Farm of 200 acres along boundary with Stock Goldington parish, let to Bartholomew Higgins 33
38 Farm of 155 acres located south of Hungate End, let to John Emerton 37
42 Land along Cook Oak Lane let to Richard Roger 41
46 Farm of 88 acres close to where Yew Tree farm is today, let to John Higgins 45
50 60 acres south-west of Hungate End, let to Lucy Manning 49
54 Letting of land around former great house, now occupied by Watts Arms and Western Drive 53
58 Letting of land around former Stocking Green 57
62 Letting of land at former Blogs Green (along Park Road) 61
66 Letting of houses in centre of village (then called Church End) 65
70 Letting of land and houses at Tathall End 69
78 Summary of land and property of Edward Watts  
Property in Hanslope parish owned by others, listed alphabetically by family name:
(every fifth page listed; to find a specific name, select nearest and page backward or forward)
88       Adams to Allen  
98       Dawkes to Garratt  
108       Hindes to Hutchings  
118       Kitelee  
128       Lincoln Corporation  
138       Richards to Singleton  
148       Stone  
156       Whitbread to York  
158 Inclosured Coppicers, Open Ridings, Stone Pits, Public Road  
164 Totals of all land in Hanslope Parish, alphabetically by owner  
178 Last page  

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