Account Entries

The following entries in Accounts of the Dukes of Kingston 1725 to 1763 mention William Mills.

Date Name Type Description Amount (£ s d)   Building link
29/9/1739 William Miles rent late Rawlins a Quit rent 0 - 00 - 03  
29/9/1740 William Mills rent a Quit rent of Rawlins's Farm 0 - 00 - 03  
  These records are extracted from the accounts of the Dukes of Kingston's estates in Hanslope from 1722, not long after the first Duke inherited Hanslope Park and considerable property in the Parish of Hanslope until 1763 when the second Duke sold the estates. One accounts book was prepared each year containing six to ten pages on each of the estates owned by the Dukes. The information recorded was probably prepared in Nottinghamshire from returns submitted by each local agent. They are prepared on the double entry principle with balancing entries representing amounts owned by the agent to the Duke (excess of income over expenditure). This balancing entry is recorded after detailed records of amounts transferred during the year to the Dukes' bank account in London.