Buildings in Hanslope
Cold Harbour

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This building provided shelter for travellers and anybody who had no accomodation. It is believed that it was unattended.

There may have been a farmhouse here, or the building may have been used as a farmhouse in some periods.

The building is believed to have been burnt down in 1871.
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The following people are associated with Cold Harbour:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
William Wake   1779 Maps  owner  90%
William Wake   1779 Survey 1779  Owner  90%
Aaron Warwick 1786  1841 Census  Farmer  100%
William Slade 1814  1851 Census  Farmer 138ac. 3 Labs  100%
Jesse Barrell 1833  1861 Census  Shepherd  100%
Thomas Green 1802  1871 Census  Ag.Lab.  100%
John Checkley   1877 Directory  farmer, Cold Harbour to 1883  80%
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