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Badgers Balney

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Know as Bretch Villa up to middle of 20th century.

2 households are recorded in 1871, 3 in 1861

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Badgers Balney, 2006
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The following people are associated with Badgers Balney:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
John Neale   1779 Maps  owner  50%
John Neale   1779 Survey 1779  Owner  50%
Elizabeth Adams   1818 Survey 1818  Owner  40%
Thomas Hillyer 1799  1861 Census  Ag. Lab.  100%
Thomas Bostock 1808  1861 Census  Railwway Labourer, Platelayer  100%
George Carter 1813  1871 Census  Labourer  100%
Joseph Hillier 1831  1871 Census  Farm Labourer  100%
Joseph Olney 1850  1881 Census  Ag. Lab.  100%
James Chambers 1843  1891 Census  Ag. Lab.  100%
Joseph Stimson 1854  1901 Census  Labourer in Railway Works  100%
Eli Baker   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner/occupier  100%
Eli Baker 1841  1911 Census  Retired machinist  90%
Annie Mobley   1918 Election Register  at Higham Cross  90%
William John Mobley   1918 Election Register  at Higham Cross  90%
William John Mobley   1939 Election Register  at Bretch Villa   90%
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