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Hungate End (2)

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The following people are associated with Hungate End (2):

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
John Neal   1779 Survey 1779  Tenant  40%
William Woodward 1806  1841 Census  Farmer  100%
William Woodward 1804  1851 Census  Farmer 187ac. 9 Labs  100%
William Woodward 1804  1861 Census  Farmer 168 acres employing ?6 men & ?6 boys  100%
Thomas Branson 1824  1871 Census  Farmer: 200 acres; employing 6 men, 6 boys  100%
Thomas Branson 1824  1881 Census  Farmer: 212 acres; empl. 6 men, 4 boys  100%
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