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Park Farm

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Park Farm viewed from road

Park Farm viewed from Road
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The following people are associated with Park Farm:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
Bennett Thomason 1824  1861 Census  Farmer of 490 acres employing 12 men & 6 boys  100%
Bennett Thomason   1869 Directory  farmer, Park farm  90%
Bennett Thomason 1824  1871 Census  Farmer & landowner; 87 acres; _____ 6 boys  100%
Thomas Fane 1829  1881 Census  Farmer: 470 acres; empl. 7 men, 2 boys  100%
Leigh White   1887 Directory  farmer,Park farm  100%
Edward Yetman 1865  1891 Census  Farmer  100%
George Oram   1895 Directory  farmer,Park farm  100%
George J. Russell   1899 Directory  farmer, Park farm  100%
David Russell 1823  1901 Census  Farmer  100%
E H Watts   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner  100%
Albert Smith   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
Charles Smith   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
C Smith 1872  1911 Census  Farmer  100%
Charles & Albert Smith   1928 Directory  farmers, Park fm  100%
Wilfred Walter Humphrey   1939 Election Register  at Park Farm  100%
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