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Woad Farm

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Woad Farm was probably created as a result of the enclosures in the 1770s.  A map of 1779 marks most, but not all the fields as "new enclosure", and there are no buildings shown at that date.  The land was allocated to the City Of Lincoln which was already a significant landowner in the parish, having purchased the Glebe lands from Henry VIII.  From Lincoln records, it is known that Charles Crick was farming 107 acres here in 1837.  From census records, James Crick his son was farming here in 1851 and another James Crick Charles' Grandson was here in 1881.  For some of the period when the Cricks were farming here, they had tenants in the house, as they were living at 12 High Street which they owned.  Joseph Adams took over as tenant in 1890, at which time a Lincoln report describes the house as “very bad”.  In 1901, the tenant was Robert Cook.  When he died, his wife’s brother, James Ruff took the tenancy.  When Lincoln sold their farms in Hanslope in 1918, James Ruff and Clara Cook were recorded as joint tenants in the sales particulars.  James Ruff bought Woad Farm in the Lincoln sale.  His son Tom took over the farm, which passed to his son James who sold it in the 1970s.
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Woad Farm 1930s

Woad Farm 1950s

Woad Farm 2009

James Ruff Cutting

1918 Lincoln Sale catalogue
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The following people are associated with Woad Farm:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
Charles Crick   1837 Added Information  Tenant of Woad Farm  90%
Benjamin Tite 1792  1861 Census  Ag. Lab.  100%
William Mills 1848  1871 Census  Ag.Lab.  100%
James Crick 1850  1881 Census  Farmer: 107 acres; empl. 5 men, 2 boys  100%
James Crick   1884 Added Information  Previous tenant of a farm  70%
John Herbert 1855  1891 Census  Horse Keeper  100%
Joseph Adams   1892 Added Information  Tenant of Woad Farm  100%
Joseph Adams   1893 Added Information  Tenant of Woad Farm since 1890  100%
Robert Cook 1835  1901 Census  Farmer  100%
James Ruff 1862  1911 Census  Farmer  100%
James Ruff   1918 Sale Catalogues  tenant; prob.puchase  100%
Clara Cook   1918 Sale Catalogues  joint tenant  100%
James Ruff   1918 Election Register  at The Woad Farm  80%
Thomas Liddington Ruff   1918 Election Register  at Woad Farm  80%
James Ruff   1928 Directory  farmer, Woad farm  100%
Elizabeth Hooton   1939 Election Register  at Woad Farm   100%
Edith Harris   1939 Election Register  at The Woad   100%
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