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Greyhound Inn, Tathall End

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Tathall End looking south.  Part of the Greyhound is shown in the background.

This photograph was taken by Stan Platten, and is believed to date from 1900 or a little earlier.

Close-up from the above.

This photograph is believed to date from the 1930s when the Greyhound was still a public house.  The Greyhound closed in 1956.

This view from the courtyard side was probably taken in the 1960s.

In April 2009, viewed from the road from Hanslope Park.

The top half of this image is part of a map of Tathall End in 1818 taken from a survey of the properties owned by Edward Watts.  The lower half shows that plot 294 was a public house occupied by Rachael Hutchings.

The records of pub licensees show Rachael Hutchings succeeding her husband as licensee of the White Hart in 1800 and continuing until 1819.  So it appears the pub on this site was called the White Hart, probably from at least 1776 to l819.

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The following people are associated with Greyhound Inn, Tathall End:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
William Wake   1779 Maps  owner  90%
William Wake   1779 Survey 1779  Owner  90%
Rachael Hutchins   1789 Pub Licensee  White Hart, to 1819  75%
Edward Watts   1818 Survey 1818  Owner  100%
Rachael Hutchings   1818 Survey 1818  Tenant  100%
William Lattimer   1847 Directory  'Greyhound'  100%
William Latimer 1789  1851 Census  Innkeeper  80%
William Latimer   1854 Directory  'Greyhound'  100%
William Latimer 1788  1861 Census  Publican  100%
Ann Latimer   1869 Directory  (Miss), 'Greyhound' to 1883  100%
Ann Latimer 1824  1871 Census  Inn Keeper  100%
Ann Latimer 1824  1881 Census  Inn Keeper  100%
Charles Gibson   1887 Directory  Greyhound P.H.   100%
Penelope Gibson 1831  1891 Census  Licensed Victular  100%
Joseph Woodland   1899 Directory  Greyhound P.H.  100%
Sarah J Woodland 1853  1901 Census  Licensed Victualler  100%
Alexander Adams   1907 Directory  Greyhound P.H. to 1915  100%
E H Watts   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner  100%
Charles Adams   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
Charles Adams 1870  1911 Census  Inn Keeper  100%
Thomas Henry Geary   1918 Election Register  at The Greyhound   100%
Norah Geary   1918 Election Register  at The Greyhound   100%
Henry Geary   1920 Directory  Greyhound P.H.  100%
Willam French   1928 Directory  Greyhound P.H.  100%
Benjiman Smith   1939 Directory  Greyhound P.H.  100%
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