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37/39 Castlethorpe Road

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This is thought to be the one house in this cluster which dates back to the 18th century.
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The following people are associated with 37/39 Castlethorpe Road:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
37, eastern cottage 
James Olney 1850  1891 Census  Railway Lab.  30%
James Olney 1850  1901 Census  Labourer in Railway Works  40%
William Smith   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
Fred Stones 1883  1911 Census  Labourer at Railway Works  50%
Frederick Crick   1939 Election Register  at 37 Castlethorpe   90%
39, western cottage 
William Stanton 1873  1901 Census  General Gardener  40%
William Crick   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
William Crick 1852  1911 Census  Roadman  95%
Ann Barbara Crick   1918 Election Register  at Malt Mill Lane  80%
Sarah Ann Cheeseman   1939 Election Register  at 39 Castlethorpe   100%
whole building 
John Stoneton   1779 Maps  owner  70%
John Stoneton   1779 Survey 1779  Owner  70%
Albert Charles Whitby   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner  100%
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