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Stokes Manor

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A manor house stood on what is now (2013) the area of Western Drive, with views over Stocking Green, with an avenue of trees on the Green aligned with the manor house.  The house appears to have been the centre of a small estate created in the middle ages and subordinate to the Manor of Hanslope.

The house is believed to have been built by Thomas Stokes in c1450, though its appearance in the only sketch available suggests significant modification in the Elizabethan period.

After the death of Thomas Stokes daughter Agnes, the Manor appears to have descended with the manor of Hartwell until 1617 when Sir Alexander Hampden settled it on his niece Margaret Hampden on her marriage with Thomas afterwards Lord Wenman.  Their descendents sold in 1653.  By 1673 it had passed to the Herbert family before being sold in 1713 to Howes.

The house and associated land were purchased by Edward Watts in 1774.

From before 1786 to c1800 the house was used as a boarding school for boys when it was referred to as Howes Manor.  Mr Addison was the headmaster.

The house had been demolished by 1818.

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Stokes Manor

1779 Map showing location of Stokes Manor
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The following is reproduced from the Victorian History of the County of Buckingham, volume 4, published in 1927.

"One of the small estates in Hanslope held by service of a quarter fee appears in the 15th century under the name of STOKES, later HANSLOPE alias STOKES MANOR . It remained subordinate to Hanslope Manor, a connexion which is last mentioned in 1618.  This estate derived its name apparently from Thomas Stokes, who married Eleanor daughter of Sir Robert Luton of Hartwell.  Their daughter Agnes, having survived her two husbands Sir Thomas Shingleton and — Petite, died seised in 1479.  Stokes Manor descended with that of Hartwell to Sir Alexander Hampden.  In 1617 he settled it on his niece Margaret Hampden on her marriage with Thomas afterwards Lord Wenman, and on the death of Sir Alexander Hampden in March 1617–18 it came to them as part of her heritage. They evidently gave Stokes Manor to their son Richard, who predeceased his parents about 1646.  It was settled in trust on his widow Barbara in 1650,  on her marriage with James Earl of Suffolk.  He, with his wife and her trustees, conveyed this manor in 1653 to Richard Reeve, jun., and his heirs, with surety against all claimants through Sir Alexander Hampden and Richard Wenman.  It afterwards passed to Sir Henry Herbert, younger brother of Edward first Lord Herbert of Chirbury,  who in 1673 left it by will to his son Henry.  The latter, with his mother Elizabeth, made a settlement concerning it in 1678.  The family title was revived for Henry Herbert in 1694, and Stokes Manor descended with it in 1709 to his son Henry, who sold this manor in 1713 to James Howe.  Mary widow of James Howe, and his son John, made a settlement of Stokes in 1741, a further settlement being made in the following year on the marriage of John Howe with Constance Howe, daughter of Mary Sophia Charlotte, dowager Viscountess Howe.  John Howe died without issue in 1769, and in 1774 Richard Viscount Howe, his brother-in-law and executor, sold Stokes Manor to Edward Watts of Hanslope Park, with whose estate it has since descended."

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The following people are associated with Stokes Manor:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
Thomas Stokes   1450 Bucks County History  owner  100%
Agnes Stokes   1479 Bucks County History  left  100%
Alexander Hampden   1617 Bucks County History  left  100%
Thomas Wenman   1618 Bucks County History  received  100%
Barbara Wenman   1650 Bucks County History  recieved  100%
Richard Reeve   1653 Bucks County History  purchased  100%
Henry Herbert   1670 Bucks County History  acquired  100%
Henry Herbert   1673 Bucks County History  inherited  100%
Henry Herbert   1709 Bucks County History  inherited  100%
James Howe   1713 Bucks County History  purchased  100%
John Howe   1741 Bucks County History  inherited  100%
Richard Howe   1774 Bucks County History  sold  100%
Edward Watts   1774 Bucks County History  purchased  100%
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