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House backing onto Magpies Nook

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A house is clearly identified on the map accompanying the 1910 Inland Revenue Survey lying at the back of what is now Magpies Nook.  It was then owned by John Rose  He was a builder and developer who also owned several of the neighbouring houses, all of which have since been demolished.  The only photograph of these houses is a very poor one taken about 1900 from the church tower.

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The following people are associated with House backing onto Magpies Nook:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
George Bull 1862  1901 Census  Genl. Agricl. Laborer  65%
John Rose   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner  90%
George Bull   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  90%
George Bull 1861  1911 Census  Railway Works Labourer  95%
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