Buildings in Hanslope
Buildings at rear of Stafford House

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This building, now demolished, was attached to the rear of Stafford House. 

In the censuses it is often recorded as a third Barnwell cottage.

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View from the Church Tower, c1940s.

Stafford House is to the right of this view, which shows an older building attached to the rear of Stafford House in the lower centre of photograph.  (The foreground is the roof of Church Lodge.)

View from the Church tower, believed to date from 1957.

The extension to Stafford House before it was demolished is shown in the bottom middle of the photograph, apparently with a tin roof.

It is thought that in some censuses this building is referred to as part of Barnwell Buildings. A corner of the main Barnwell building is just visible in the lower left of this photograph.

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The following people are associated with Buildings at rear of Stafford House:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
Thomas Caucutt 1777  1851 Census  Tailor & Shopkeeper  50%
Sarah Lane 1791  1871 Census  Lace Maker  40%
John Clarke 1866  1891 Census  General Lab.  40%
Mary Herbert 1822  1901 Census    50%
Feoffees   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner  100%
Thomas Herbert   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
John Herbert 1834  1911 Census  Has been Farm Labourer, Now old age pensioner  100%
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