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15 Gold Street

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From the church tower in 1957.

Number 15 is the white building on the right side of the photograph with a figure in front of it.

As a haberdashers, probably around 1930. At that time there was a hairdressers above the shop.

In the 1920's Emma Partidge ran the haberdashers.

By 1939 George Powell was running a bicycle shop here.

In April 2006

From a map of 1779. Shows land currently occupied by 15 Gold Street as owned by Wm.Perry (No 644 on map). Note that on the key on this map, this plot is described as "The Bull Homestead".

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The following people are associated with 15 Gold Street:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
William Perry   1779 Maps  owner  50%
William Perry   1779 Survey 1779  Owner  50%
Richard Lattimore   1818 Survey 1818  Owner  50%
John Page 1817  1861 Census  Agri. Lab.  30%
Charlotte Taylor 1839  1891 Census    30%
Emma Partridge   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner/occupier  90%
Emma Partridge 1875  1911 Census  Grocer  95%
Emma Partridge   1918 Election Register  at Gold Street  90%
George Powell   1939 Election Register  at 15a Gold Street  60%
Thomas Phillip Payne   1939 Election Register  at 15 Gold Street  80%
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