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Working Men's Club c1930

Working Men's Club 2006
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The first record of these houses come from an abstract of title (see links on People tab) which begins in 1726 when William Ancell, a lace buyer is recorded as selling to Robert West, a baker.  The property continued in the West family until 1800 when it was purchased by Moses Agar whose sister Mary was married to Harry West who then sold it but seems to have remained as a tenant.  Moses Agar's father, also called Moses Agar was vicar from 1749 to 1783.  Moses Agar the younger was a merchant living in London.  He seems to have got into financial difficulty and lost control of the property around 1807, but regained control in 1812.  At the time of a survey in 1779, and probably throughout this period the property was comprised of two tenements.

By 1818 William Nichols is recorded as owner in a survey of that date.

In censuses from 1851 to 1881 William Warwick is recorded as a baker living in the High Street, and it is likely he occupied one on these tenements.

By the time of the 1901 census, the Working Mens Club steward is recorded living here.

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The following people are associated with Working Men's Club:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
Martha Anfield   1726 Abstracts of Title  Tentant  80%
Robert West   1726 Abstracts of Title  Buyer  80%
William Ancell   1726 Abstracts of Title  Seller  80%
George West   1749 Abstracts of Title  inherited  90%
Harry West   1777 Abstracts of Title  inherited  90%
Henry West   1779 Maps  owner  50%
Henry West   1779 Survey 1779  Owner  50%
Joseph Gregory   1780 Abstracts of Title  tenant  90%
Moses Agar   1800 Abstracts of Title  purchased  90%
William Nichols   1818 Survey 1818  Owner  80%
Thomas Evans 1796  1851 Census  Cordwainer  50%
William Warwick 1812  1851 Census  Baker  40%
Willm. Warwick 1814  1861 Census  Baker  40%
William Warwick 1811  1871 Census  Baker (Landowner)  40%
William Warwick 1812  1881 Census  Baker & Farmer: 31 acres empl. Son  40%
Joseph Moss 1841  1881 Census  Shoe Maker  40%
Herbert Eyles 1867  1901 Census  Club Steward  100%
Nthmpton. Brewery Co   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner  100%
Workman's Social Club   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
John Frost   1910 Revenue Survey  Tenant  100%
Walter John Frost 1869  1911 Census  Painter  95%
Working Men's Club   1911 Directory  (Richd. Eakins, to 1928  100%
George Frost   1918 Election Register  at High Street  40%
J T Garrett sec   1939 Directory  Working Men's Club  100%
Harry Neale   1939 Election Register  at Workmen's   100%
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