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24 High Street; former Bakers

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The house on this site appears to have been totally rebuilt some time in the 20th century, probably using the original foundations and walls of an earlier building on the High Street frontage.

From about 1901 the property was occupied by Mr Chapman, the village baker.  When died in 1941, his son Ted continued the business.





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Photograph probably from 1930's.

24 High Street in the middle of the photograph. At this time it was a bakers, with a grocers shop nearer the camera.

Another view from around the same period. Number 24 is in the middle of the picture. The sign over the door says

A C Chapman
Baker and

Notice the cobbled pavement and the iron railings. The rails were commandeered during the 1939 -45 war.

The two men are associated with the shop in the right of the picture (see number 22 High Street).

Photograph taken around 1930 showing the back of 24 High Street. The young man is Edward (Ted) Chapman, named after his grand-father.

In April 2006

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The following people are associated with 24 High Street; former Bakers:

Name Year of Birth Year of Interest Source Occupation/Notes Probability
Richard Ratnett   1779 Maps  owner  40%
Richard Ratnett   1779 Survey 1779  Owner  40%
Lucy Manning   1818 Survey 1818  Owner  70%
Joseph Manning 1789  1851 Census  General Dealer  40%
Abraham C Chapman 1867  1901 Census  Baker shopkeeper  95%
Albert C Chapman   1910 Revenue Survey  Owner/occupier  100%
Abraham Clark Chapman 1867  1911 Census  Baker & Farmer  100%
Kate Chapman   1918 Election Register  at High Street  100%
Abraham Clark Chapman   1918 Election Register  at High Street  100%
Abraham Clark Chapman   1939 Election Register  at 24 High Street  100%
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