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The following is recorded for Edward Slade in 1871.

Relation to head
of household:

It is probable that this person was living here:

Hales Folly

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Married: Married 
Sex: Male  
Age: 44  
Occupation: Engine Fitter 
Where born: Buckinghamshire, Hanslope 
Location: Hales Folly  
Census references: page number 6, folio 40, piece 1421

Those living at this location in 1871 were:

Name Relation to Head Sex Age Occupation Notes
Edward Slade   Head  44  Engine Fitter   
Agnes A. Slade   Wife  40  Principal of Boarding Sch.ool   
Annie E. Hall   Assistant  22  Asst. Governess   
Emily C. Warwick   Boarder  18  Scholar   
Adeline A. Wheeler   Boarder  17  Scholar   
Agnes Collier   Boarder  14  Scholar   
Emily R. Edmondson   Boarder  14  Scholar   
Kate A. Robinson   Boarder  14  Scholar   
Matilda Sharpe   Boarder  13  Scholar   
Alice E. Barter   Boarder  13  Scholar   
Emma S Jessop   Boarder  13  Scholar   
Minnie M.W. Canghorn   Boarder  13  Scholar   
Sussanah Holland   Boarder  13  Scholar   
Clara Collier   Boarder  12  Scholar   
Sarah E. Curtis   Boarder  11  Scholar   
Alice M. Jessop   Boarder  10  Scholar   
Matilda Conrath   Boarder  10  Scholar   
Annie M Higgins   Boarder  Scholar   
Sussanah Conrath   Boarder  Scholar   
Kate E.A. Flavel   Nurse Child  Scholar   
Anne Hicks   Servant  20  Servant cook   
Sarah Webb   Servant  17  Housemaid   

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