1841 Census
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The following is a transcription of page 24 of the census for Long Street district for the year 1841.
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PLACE HOUSES NAMES AGE and SEX PROFESSION, TRADE, EMPLOYMENT Born in Born Scotland, Ireland, or Foreign Parts
Maltmill Lane     Elizabeth Nichols       
      Leah Nichols    8 months    
Maltmill Lane     William Kingston  35    AgLab.   
      Mary Kingston    35     
      Sarah Kingston    14     
      George Kingston  12       
      Elizabeth Kingston    10     
      Hannah Kingston       
      Susan Kingston    4 months    
Maltmill Lane     William Forten  35    Ag.Lab.   
      Mary Forten    35     
      Elizabeth Jenins    15     
      Thomas Willis  85       
      Sarah Willis    75     
      James Lane  30    Ag.Lab.   
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