1851 Census
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The following is a transcription of page 3 of the census for Tathall End district for the year 1851.
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Name of Street, Place or
Building and Name or
No. of House
Name and Surname of each Person
who abode in the house,
on the night of the 30th March, 1851
Head of Family
Age of
Rank, Profession
Where Born
Blind, or
Deef and
Bullington End   Mary Woodland  Sister  Unmarried   66  Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Edward Wills  Lodger  Married 62    Ag. Lab.  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Catherine Wills  Lodger's Wife  Married   62  Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Olney   
Bullington End   William Olney  Head  Married 28    Lab.  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Sarah Olney  Wife  Married   33    Oxfordshire Hempton   
  Emma Olney  Daughter      Scholar  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  William Olney  Son      Scholar  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Elizabeth Olney  Daughter        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Bullingtn.End Grange   Henry Thomas Cleaver  Head  Married 27    Farmer 450ac. 21 men  Bedfordshire Aspley   
Transcribers notes on household: test note 
  Maria Cleaver  Wife  Married   27  Farmer's Wife  Northamptonshire Towcester   
  Ann Taylor  Visitor  Unmarried   60  Annuitant  Northamptonshire Potterspury   
  Ann King  Servant  Unmarried   20  House Servant  Buckinghamshire Stokegoldington   
  Susan Green  Servant  Married   35  House Servant  Northamptonshire Alderton   
  Christopher Gregory  Servant  Unmarried 25    House Servant  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Thomas Nichols  not provided  Married 48    Shepherd, Labourer  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Bullington End   John Rainbow  Head  Widowed 80    Farmer 102ac. 5 men  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Mary Ann Rainbow  Granddaughter  Unmarried   21  Housekeeper  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Mary Thitchman  Servant  Unmarried   69  House Servant  Gloucester Tadnaum   
  James Gregory  Servant    15    Servant  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Benjamin Wallinger  not provided  Married 63    Brewer  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
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