1851 Census
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The following is a transcription of page 2 of the census for Long Street district for the year 1851.
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Name of Street, Place or
Building and Name or
No. of House
Name and Surname of each Person
who abode in the house,
on the night of the 30th March, 1851
Head of Family
Age of
Rank, Profession
Where Born
Blind, or
Deef and
Maltmill Lane   Thomas Clark  Head  Married 24    Ag. Lab.  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Ann Clark  Wife      24    Northamptonshire Brackley   
  William Hicks  Brother in Law  Unmarried 34    Ag. Lab.  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Maltmill Lane   Matthew Merrey  Head  Married 45    Railway Labourer  Buckinghamshire Westbury   
  Elizabeth Merrey  Wife      42    Buckinghamshire Haversham   
  Thomas Merrey  Son  Unmarried 15    Ag. Lab.  Buckinghamshire Gaucott   
  William Merrey  Son  Unmarried 11    Ag. Lab.  Buckinghamshire Lenborough   
  Sarah Merrey  Daughter      Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Lenborough   
  Inns Matthew Merrey  Son      Scholar  Buckinghamshire Lenborough   
  Eliza Mary Merrey  Daughter        Buckinghamshire Castle Thorpe   
One House Uninhabited                  
Transcriber's notes: Uninhabited 
Maltmill Lane   William Kingston  Head  Married 48    Ag. Lab.  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Mary Kingston  Wife      45    Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Hannah Kingston  Daughter  Unmarried   14  Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Susan Mary Kingston  Daughter      10  Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  Thomas Kingston  Son      Scholar  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
  William Benjn. Kingston  Son        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
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