1871 Census
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The following is a transcription of page 10 of the census for Village Centre district for the year 1871.
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Road, Street, &c. and House HOUSES Name and Surname of each Person Relation to Head of Family Condition Age last Birthday of Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born Whether
Blind, or Deef-
(U), or
Males Females
Barnwell Buildings   I   Sarah Surrige   Nephew  Unmarried   21  Lace Maker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      George York   Nephew        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Barnwell Buildings   I   Sarah Lane   Head  Widowed   80  Lace Maker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Isabella Clifton   Lodger  Widowed   86  Formerly Laundress  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
High Street   I   Andrew Wickins   Head  Married 22    Common Carrier  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Sarah A. Wickins   Wife  Married   26    Northamptonshire Hartwell   
      Lizzie Wickins   Daughter      8 months   Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
High Street   I   Thomas Sawbridge   Head  Married 28    Butcher  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Maria Sawbridge   Wife  Married   28    Leicestershire Blaston   
      Minnie Sawbridge   Daughter        Northamptonshire Northampton   
      Mary Sawbridge   Daughter      10 months   Northamptonshire Northampton   
      Frederick Cook   Servant  Unmarried 17    Butchers Servant  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
High Street   I   Charles E. Vorley   Head  Married 23    Ag. Lab. Grocer  Bedfordshire Carlton   
      Julia Vorley   Wife  Married   19  Grocers Wife  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Sarah E. Vorley   Daughter        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Charlotte Jackson   Lodger  Widowed   62  Formerly Shopkeeper  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Smiths Yard   I   William Panter   Head  Married 29    Gas Fitters Lab. at Railway Factory  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Eliza Panter   Wife  Married   26    Middlesex Pinner......   
      Agnes E. Panter   Daughter  Married     Middlesex Harrow on the ........   
      Emily Panter   Daughter  Married     Middlesex Harrow on the ........   
      George Panter   Son  Married     Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Smiths Yard   I   Richard Wilbey   Head  Married 66    Carpenter (Master)  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Elizabeth Wilbey   Wife  Married   67    Buckinghamshire Ravenstone   
Smiths Yard   I   James Bescoby   Head  Married 56    Ag. Lab. Shepherd  Lincolnshire Kirby Longtho....   
      Mary Ann Bescoby   Wife  Married   51    Buckinghamshire Castlethorpe   
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