1871 Census
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The following is a transcription of page 14 of the census for Long Street district for the year 1871.
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Road, Street, &c. and House HOUSES Name and Surname of each Person Relation to Head of Family Condition Age last Birthday of Rank, Profession or Occupation Where Born Whether
Blind, or Deef-
(U), or
Males Females
Long Street   I   William Owen   Head  Married 27    Gardner  Middlesex London   
      Elizabeth Owen   Wife  Married   19  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Long Street   I   George Stonton   Head  Married 33    Ag.Lab.  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Elizabeth Stonton   Wife  Married   29  Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Leonard Stonton   Son  Unmarried 10    Ag.Lab. Bird Keeper  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Julia Stonton   Daughter  Unmarried     Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Long Street   I   William Stonton   Head  Married 36    Machinist  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Charlotte Stonton   Wife  Married   32  Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Arthur Stonton   Son  Unmarried 11    Ag.Lab.  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Emma Stonton   Daughter  Unmarried   Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Edward Stonton   Son  Unmarried     Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Stephen Stonton   Son  Unmarried 10 months     Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Long Street   I   William Payne   Head  Married 47    Ag.Lab.  Buckinghamshire Stoke Goldington   
      Sarah A. Payne   Wife  Married   39  Dressmaker  Northamptonshire Paulespury   
Long Street   I   John Stones   Head  Married 60    Farmer 113 acres 5 men 2 boys  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      David Richardson   Visitor  Married 24    Grocer  Northamptonshire Hartwell   
      Ann Richardson   Visitor  Married   24  Grocers wife  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Jane Wickens   Servant  Unmarried   20  Gen. Servant  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Mary Stones   Wife  Married   60    Northamptonshire Silverstone   
Long Street   I   Benjamin Barratt   Head  Married 59    Ag.Lab.  Oxfordshire Dunsten   
      Elizabeth Barratt   Wife  Married   57  Lacemaker  Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
      Elizabeth Clark   Granddaughter  Unmarried   14  Lacemaker  Northamptonshire Hartwell   
      Katie Clark   Granddaughter  Unmarried   12  Lacemaker  Northamptonshire Hartwell   
      Ann Clark   Granddaughter  Unmarried   10  Lacemaker  Northamptonshire Hartwell   
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