1891 Census
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The following is a transcription of page 1 of the census for Village Centre district for the year 1891.
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Road, Street, &c. and House HOUSES Number
if less
than five
NAME and Surname of each Person RELATION
to Head of
CONDITION as to Marriage AGE last
(1) Deef-and-Dumb
(2) Blind
(3) Lunatic, Imbecile
or Idiot
U), or
Males Females
High Street, Watts Arms     I     John Mills  Head  Married 53    Inn Keeper        Northamptonshire Northampton   
Transcribers notes on household: ddt 
          Emma Mills  Wife  Married   43  Inn Keepers Wife        Northamptonshire Harpole   
          Adelaide E. Mills  Daughter      Scholar        Northamptonshire Northampton   
          John J. Mills  Son      Scholar        Northamptonshire Northampton   
          Frank V. Mills  Son              Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
High Street     I     George Wilson  Head  Married 60    Boot & Shoe Maker        Kent Bexley   
          Ann Wilson  Wife  Married   62          Kent Bexley   
          Sarah Webb  Servant  Single   18  General Dom. Servant        Northamptonshire Northampton   
          Alice Mortimer  Visitor  Single   26  Late Salvation Officer        Hampshire Alton   
          Ada Hornsby  Visitor  Single   23  Late Salvation Officer        London St. Pancres   
High Street     I     Henry Herbert  Head  Married 33    Engine Driver        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Emma Herbert  Wife  Married   32          Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Walter Herbert  Son    10    Plough Boy Ag.        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Eli Herbert  Son      Scholar        Northamptonshire Piddington   
          Samuel Herbert  Son      Scholar        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Diana Herbert  Daughter      Scholar        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
High Street     I     Joseph Gregory  Head  Widowed 76    Ag. Labourer        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
Transcriber's notes: Relation changed from Wife 
High Street     I     Joseph Gregory  Head  Married 48    General Labourer        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Louisa Gregory  Wife  Married   45          Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Samuel Gregory  Son  Single 15    Apprentice        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Miriam Gregory  Daughter  Single   14          Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Constance Gregory  Daughter      Scholar        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Laura Gregory  Daughter      Scholar        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
High Street     I     Julia Vorley  Head  Married   37  Grocer        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Edward Vorley  Son      Scholer        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
High Street     I     George Denton  Head  Married 38    General Labourer        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Elizabeth Denton  Wife  Married   38  Shirt Seamstress        Northamptonshire Roade   
          Alice Denton  Daughter              Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
          Alfred J. Casemore  Stepson  Single 16    General Labourer        Northamptonshire Hartwell   
1 High Street     I     George Cox  Head  Widowed 67    Civil Servant (Postmaster)        Buckinghamshire Hanslope   
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