1918 Frederick Gregory's Memories

Frederick Gregory's Memories


Memories of Frederick Gregory's life in Long Street, Hanslope, prepared by his family from notes which he wrote in 1918 during his lunch hour. Published as a booklet by his family in 1989.

Archive holding original: Hanslope & District Historical Society;

Owner, copyright

This copy prepared from the booklet given to the Society by the family for which we are very grateful.

Provided by: His family Date: 0 1989
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People mentioned

Name Detail   Year       Property & Probability Page
Albert Rueben Gregory brother of Frederick Gregory
Recorded in the memoirs as alive in 1918 which is inconsistent with the church records of burials which suggest he died in 1903. The family in editing Frederick's draft may have confused Albert Rueben with Ernest, another brother.
Eliza Mary Gregory Wife of Frederick
Although the memoirs record her maiden name as Woodland, there is evidence elsewhere that it may have been Neale.
Ernest Gregory brother to Frederick
Recorded as died in 1903. This does not seem to be consistent with other records which suggest he was still alive in 1939. The family in compiling the memoirs after Fredick's death may have confused Ernest with Albert Rueben, another brother who is recorded in the church records as buried in 1903.
Frederick Henry Gregory Memories
Purchased: Hillside 23, 25 Long Street 100%
Henry Gregory Father of Frederick
Ellen Neale Mother of Frederick
Eliza Mary Woodland maiden name, m.Fred'ck Gregory
The memoirs are clear that the maiden name of Eliza Mary Gregory, wife of Frederick Gregory was Woodland. However, there is evidence in other records (church and census) that her maiden name may have been Neale.

Property mentioned

Year Detail Property & Probability Page
1906 Purchased as Hillside, Long Street by Frederick Gregory in 1906. 23-25 Long Street in 2013.
Hillside 23, 25 Long Street 100%