Feoffment of 10-12 Market Square

Sale of 10-12 Market Square between Hoddle and Burkmaster


Feoffment between Stephen Hoddle and John Burkmaster both of Hanslope. The sale was for 10-12 Market Square in 1773.

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feoffment 1773

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Indenture made the Twenty first Day of December 3 in the year of our Lord One Thousand seven hundred and seventy three and in the ffourteenth year of the Reign of our soveriegn Lord Geroge the thrd by the State of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the ffaith and so forth BETWEEN Stephen Hoddle of Newport Pagnell in the County of Bucks Grocer of the one part and John Burkhuaster of hanslop in the said county of Bucks Cordwainer of the other part Witnesseth that for and in Consideration of the Sum of Thirty pounds and of lawful money of Great Britain to the said Stephen Hoddle in hand paid by the said John Burkhauster at or before the ensealing and delivery hereof the receipt thereof he the said Stephen Hoddle doth hereby arknowledge and thereof and of every part and parts thereof doth acquit Release and for ever at discharge the said John Burkmanster his heirs Excrutors and Administrators and every of them by these presents and consideration thereunto moving he the said Stephen Hoddle hath granted bargained sold enfeoffed and confirmed and by these present Doth grant and Bargain sell Enfeoff and Confirm unto the said John M Buckmaster his heirs and asoigns for exer Will that messuage or tenement situate standing and being in a certain place commonly called or known by the name of Church End in Hanslope aforesaid formerly in the tennet or occupation of one Joseph Cox deceased late in the tenent or occupation of Lucy Cox and Elizabeth Cox their assigned assignes and now standing empty the house premesses of Joseph Brittain being on the north side thereof the house premisses of Joseph Hindes senior being on the East side thereof the yard and premisses of Thomas Billing being on the south side thereof and the common high way or street of Hanslop afforesaid being on the west side thereof. Together with all and simmalar houses outhouses buildings barns stables yards gardens back sides at ffences mounds walls ways water watercourses paths passages privilages profits commodities advantages enulnments heriditments and oppurtunities whatsoever to the said messuage or the tenement belonging or in any noice apportaining or therewith or of late used occupied or enjoyed or accepted reputed to knowen or known to be as part parcel or member thereof and the reversion and or reversions remainder ad remainders Rents and servires of the same premisies and all the Esate right tithes or interests means or proocuments freed and and discharged of and from all former and other Gifts Grants Bargains Sales Leases or Estates uses Wills Intails Mortgages reconveyances judgments Executions jointures powers and ThirdsThithes Troubles Charges Burthew and Iurnmbrantes whatsoever at And further also that he the said Stephen hoddle and all and every other person and persons whatsoever naming or to name any Estate Right Tithe or interest out of in or unto the said Me essuage or Tenement hereditments ad premises or any part thereof by from orunder the or any of the their or any of their Estates Rights or Tithes shall and will from time to time and at all times for ever hereafter at the requests costs and charges of the said John Buckmaster his heirs and assigns maketterb do and exeute or cause and procure to be made done and executed all and every such other and further lawful and recuvarable atts (?assets) convayances and assurances in the law whatsoever for the further better and (?ore first letter has rotted away)(maybe fore?) perfect Granting Releasing Conveying Assuring and Confirming of the said Messuage or Tenement and all and singular other or the herditaments and premises herein before mentioned and inteded to be hereby Granted and Released with there and every of their Oppurteunts except as herein before ? (letter or letters rotted away) is excepted unto the said John Burkmaster his heire and assigns in manner as aforeaid as by the said John Burkmaster his heirs or assigns or is or their Councel ???(faded and rotted away) learned in the law shall be reasonable (there is some text missing due to rotting paper) (some smudged letter) (probaby says) or advised and required AND LASTLY it is hereby declared and reminded and called? upon by and between the said parties ? (word smudged and faded) presencs for the (faded and rotting paper) that all (faded and smudged words) and ffines also other and(paper rotted away)??? in the day (paper rotted away)???? acknowledged executed or (words faded) by or between the said parties (paper rotted away)?? of than or whereunto they or any of the (paper rotted away and faded) shall be party or parties privy or privies of the aforesaid horeditaments and premises hereby Granted and Released (paper rotted away) alone or together with any other person or persons lands tenements or hereditaments Also for and concerning the said Messuage or Tenement and all and Assignes (paper rotted away) other the hereditaments and premises hereby Granted and Released with their and every of their appiritenances execept as herein before is excepted shall be and every and shall be adjudged deamed (word is faded) expected and taken to be and emire go the use and be he of the said John Burkmaster his heirs and assigns or ever to be according to the trust interest and meaning of those presents and to and for none of ther use intent or purpose whatsoever In Witness whereof the parties first above the named to thse present Indentures those Interchangable set their hands and seals the Day and year first above written


People mentioned

Name Detail   Year       Property & Probability Page
John Buckmaster Feoffment 10-12 Market Square
Sale of 10-12 Market Square, between Stephen Hoddle and John Buckmaster. John Buckmaster purchased the property.
Purchaser: 10-12 Market Square 100%
Elizabeth Cox Sale of 10-12 Market Square
Document detailing the sale of 10-12 Market Square, between Stephen Hoddle and John Buckmaster. Elizabeth Cox is a former tenant of the house, and is mentioned in the document, but the property is empty at the point of sale.
ex-tenent: 10-12 Market Square 100%
Joseph Cox Sale of 10-12 Market Square
Document detailing the sale of 10-12 Market Square, between Stephen Hoddle and John Buckmaster. Joseph Cox was a tenant in previous years but not in the year the property was sold. He was mentioned in the document along with his two daughters. He has possibly died as they say the 'Joseph Cox Late.'
ex-tenent: 10-12 Market Square 100%
Lucy Cox Feoffment 10-12 Market Square
Documents detailing the sale of 10-12 Market Square, between Stephen Hoddle and John Burkmaster. Joseph Cox and his daughters Elizabeth and Lucy Cox are shown as tenents, but not at the point of sale, the house is recorded as empty.
ex-tenent: 10-12 Market Square 100%
Stephen Hoddle Sale of 10-12 Market Square
Document detailing the sale of 10-12 Market Square between Stephen Hoddle and John Burkmaster. Stephen Hoddle was the seller of the property.
Owner: 10-12 Market Square 100%

Property mentioned

Year Detail Property & Probability Page
1773 Sale of the property between Stephen Hoddle and John Buckmaster in 1773, we are not sure if it is for the whole building or just the end building that may have been knocked down. On the 1779 map it is plot 420.
10-12 Market Square 100%