1726 Abstract Church End

1726 Abstract for Property in Church End


This is an abstract of title for a “messuage” (building) occupied as two “tenements “ at Church End.  From the context it appears that the properties referred to are what is now (2013) the Working Men’s Club in the High Street. 

The abstract begins with a summary of a sale in 1726 by William Ancell to Robert West (effected by a “lease and release”).   The abstract continues to 1810 when the owner is Mosses Agar, son of the vicar of the same name. 

The evidence that the property referred to is the Working Men’s Club is:

  • Harry West is named as owner from before 1780 to 1800.  In a map of 1779 Harry West is shown as owning what is now the Working Men’s Club
  • The Hanslope Memorials contain notes about the house which refer to the same people as named in this abstract.  The bankruptcy of Mosses Agar is also referred to (see notes below).


The following is a summary of owners and tenants identified in the Abstract

Date Owner Tenant Notes
 Before 1726 William Ancell, Lace Buyer
  seller in lease and release of 8 & 9 December 1726
1726 Robert West, Baker
Martha Anfield, widow
purchased in lease & release of 8 & 9 December 1726
1750 Robert West's wife and children, eventually George West

Robert West died August 1749;
George was eldest son of Robert West
before 1780
Harry West
  Harry West was nephew of George West who died intestate November 1777
1780 Harry West
divided into two tenements occupied by:
    Harry West
    Joseph Gregory
document of this date appears to be a mortgage; loan by Joseph Brittan to Harry West
1800 Moses Agar of Walthamstow

Harry West
other tenant unnamed

Mosses Agar was a son of a former Vicar; Harry West was married to Mosses' sister Mary;
sale included land adjoining 22 yards by 20 yards,late in occupation of Richard Ratnett, then Harry West; this was a lease & release
  Mosses Agar appears to have become bankrupt while in business as a merchant and owner of several ships in service of East India Company; from an Indenture reciting the bankruptcy
1810 Richard Dowding of Wapping Wall   Richard Dowding given deeds as security for debts due from Mosses Agar; took property as part settlement of debts by lease & release, apparently from commissioners in bankruptcy
1812 Moses Agar   Mosses Agar seems to have regained property by lease & release from Richard Dowding

The abstract is held as part of the Watts papers.  It is not clear why this should be so, since there is no evidence of the Watts having ever had an interest in the property.

Archive holding original: Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies; reference: D/WA/206

Owner, copyright

The original document from which this image has been taken is held by the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies, County Hall, Aylesbury, Bucks HP20 1UU, UK. Copies may be made for private use, but anyone wishing to publish the document, in whole or in part, or to reproduce it on their website should contact the Centre. A photocopy of the document can be ordered from the Centre at: http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/bcc/about_your_council/buy.page?.

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People mentioned

Name Detail   Year       Property & Probability Page
Moses Agar purchased
seems to have been bankrupted c1807 and surrendered the property, but regained control in 1810
purchased: Working Men's Club 90%
William Ancell Seller
Lace buyer
Seller: Working Men's Club 80%
Martha Anfield Tenant
Tentant: Working Men's Club 80%
Joseph Gregory Tenant
tenant: Working Men's Club 90%
Richard Ratnett Owner of adjoining land
George West inherited; owned to 1777
son of Harry West
inherited: Working Men's Club 90%
Harry West inherited; owned to 1800
nephew of George West
1777 a
inherited: Working Men's Club 90%  
Robert West Purchased
Buyer: Working Men's Club 80%

Property mentioned

Year Detail Property & Probability Page
1726 Traces ownership from 1726 to 1810
Working Men's Club 80%