Feoffment-Caroline Hoddle 1804

Feoffment Between Caroline Miles Hoddle and Edward Watts


A feoffment between Caroline Miles Hoddle and Edwards for the land in in Bullingden End in Hanslope, formally called Wolfs Place and land in the surrounding area.


A feoffment 1804 between Caroline Miles Hoddle only child and heir of Stephen and Sarah Hoddle, (daughter of Richard Miles,) both deceased and Edward Watts in the 44th year of King George III's reign.  For the sum of two hundred fifteen pounds and ten shillings.  Edward Watts paid five shillings the day before the signing of the feoffment to lease the properties and land mentioned.  Thomas Kitlee occupied the said the property and land.  Property and enclosed land of Bullington End, (not the farm) formerly called Wolf's Place, shared lands in Salci Grounds, 64 acres and two roods of contained lands.  Also land behind Wolf's Place called Wolf's field and a lane placed alongside Wolf's field and Wolf's Place, called Chase Lane.

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John Miles     This Abstract concerns the related property and lands before

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People mentioned

Name Detail   Year       Property & Probability Page
Carolie Miles Hoddle Owner of Wolfs Place
Property and lands inherited from her father Stephen Hoddle. Wolfs Place, Wolf's Field and Chase Lane, now known as Hatton Court and the land and lane now in Bullington End.
Owner: Hanslope Lodge 100%  
Thomas Kitlee Occupied said property and lands as a tenant farmer, when Caroline Miles Hoddle sells to Edward Watts.
Edward Watts Paid 5 shillings to lease the property and lands, the day before the sale of the property and lands.
Buyer: Hanslope Lodge 100%  

Property mentioned

Year Detail Property & Probability Page
1804 Sale of property and lands concerning called Hanslope Place a lane and lands, formerly called Wolf's Place, Wolf's Field and Chase Lane.
Hanslope Lodge 100%