List of Sets

Below is a list of all sets ordered alphabetically.  Click on a set name to view thumbnails of item in the set.

Name Description No.of Image
Gold Street Street scenes, general views and selected houses in Gold Street/Back Street. 11  
Newport Road Views in Newport Road and selected house in the road. 7  
Park Road Views of Park Road and selected houses in Park Road. 5  
2015 Calendar Candidate photographs for 2015 calendar: theme "Working Life in Hanslope". 15  
Additions - Recent Additions from 2013 3  
Additions - 2011/2012 Additions from September 2011 15  
Additions - Apl.2010 to Aug.2011 Additions from April 2010 to August 2011 37  
Additions - Initial Batch Ths contains all images added in 2008. 210  
Additions 2009 This set contains photographs added in 2009 13  
Additions Jan. to March 2010 These items were added to the web site in the period December 2009 to March 2010. 192  
Aerial views Views of the village and parish from the air, and from the church tower 13  
Catalogues This set contains links to images of sales catalogues. The present content in for sales of agricultural land. 2  
choices Temporary set 16  
Churches Photographs of, around, and inside the Churches of Hanslope; also church events. 26  
Clubs & organisations Group photographs, except family groups and sports. 64  
Emma Higgins Family Album These photographs come from a family album from the second half of the 19th century, and show the family of William Slade Higgins and his wife Emma, nee Gregory of Stocking Green Farm and The Swan Inn, Hanslope.  They were married in December 1885 but as William died only two years later, the album is thought to be primarily of Emma's friends and family. 

Many of the photographs were taken by Northampton Studio Photographers.  For these photographs the dates the photographer operated are noted from a handbook in Northampton Central Library, Local Studies Section.

The styles of dress worn in the photographs have been dated by a museum costume expert.  (The expert did not know the dates the photographers were operating, but the dates from the two sources tally very well.)

The photographs are all of individuals, several of whose identity is unknown.  If you have information that would put names to these people, please let us know at

This family album was provided by Daniel Punter whose wife is a descendant of the couple.  Daniel did all the research and provided the narratives that accompany the photographs.

Farming Farming photographs 17  
Groups, families, couples Photographs of groups of people, including families and couples. 49  
High Street Views of High Street and selected houses in High Street 29  
Individuals Photographs of people who can be identified 65  
Kitchener collection of Hanslope Kitchener?s were a firm of commercial photographers who in the 1920?s specialised in local views, which were sold as postcards.

The main collection of over two thousand original glass negatives is held by The Milton Keynes City Discovery Centre at Bradwell Abbey (

The photographs shown on these pages are reproduced by their kind permission.
Long Street Photographs of or in Long Street 17  
Market Square and Church End Views of Market Square, Church End and The Green 19  
Newspaper Cuttings Cuttings from old newspapers concerning Hanslope and its residents. 2  
Parades and Carnivals All parades, carnivals fetes and parties 30  
School, Children School class photographs, other school photographs, and photogrphs of children 27  
Sports teams & Events Photographs of matches, sports occasions and sports teams. 9  
Street parties Village street parties 8  
Tathall End Phototgraphs taken in and around Tathall End 14  
Tathall End in 2010 photographs of modern Tathall End 5  
Vehicles Cars, Motorbikes, Buses, and Lories. 6  
Views - Street other Street scenes, views of streets and roads in and around Hanslope, except views of High Street, Gold Street/Back Street, and Newport Road which are indexed separately. 51  
Wesley Photographs and History Photographs of Wesley family and business, and information about Fred and Jack. 5