Images of Hanslope
Set: Groups, families, couples
  Photographs of groups of people, including families and couples.
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Sidney Etteridge and Emily Abbott wedding

Joyce Haynes and Cliff Eakins

Hilda Guymer and Den Horne

Park Road Farm.

The Ruff family

Thomas and Ruth Rainbow

Andrew and Betsy Nichols

Andrew and Betsy Nichols

Ditum Family group

Ditum wedding 1897

Emily & Freda Clarke

Fetching beef & yorkshire pudding

Garratt family group early 1920s

Groocock family

John Gardner, members of French and Horn families

Jolly family

Joseph and Caroline Rainbow

Ladies of the Hillyer family

Mr & Mrs Jack Wright

Rainbow sisters

Stephen Webb outside 4 The Green

The Gregory family

The Miss Neales outside their home in Newport Road

William & Frances Willingham

William and Emma Higgins

Willingham Family

13 Emma Higgins and son William

Girl Guides

Old tree

Old Cottage

Charles Francis and Jane Webb

Charles & Caroline Webb

Unknown Family

Jack Eakins and Doris Carpenter

The wedding of Frederick Garratt to Louisa Cook

Daisy Grace and her father Gerry Grace

Herbert and Minnie Garratt.

Freda and Albert Garratt

The wedding of Sid Garratt and Joyce Carpenter

Marg and Perce Garratt

Mr and Mrs Arthur Morgan

Mr and Mrs George and Ethel Herbert.

Miss Edith Brownsell

Mrs Nell Farley with son Sid

Robert Garratt and Beatrice.


The Horne Family

The Rainbow Family

Green End Farm