Images of Hanslope
Set: Additions Jan. to March 2010
  These items were added to the web site in the period December 2009 to March 2010.
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Street party - 1937 Coronation

Tathall End flooded

Tathall End Farm in 1930s

Harry Geary at Tathall End Farm

Steam engine at Tathall End

Bellhams Garage c1930

Van in brook at Tathall End

M1 Under construction

Lorry stuck in the flood in Tathall End

Malthouse, Maltings Farm

Working Mens Club

Top School photograph early 1900s

Building the motorway

High Street Widows Row

Hanslope Green End school

Church interior

Old beams in the church

Harvest festival 1907

Hanslope Church from the north

Long Street Road

Long Street Road

Half Way Houses

Workmen reparing the church roof

Long Street

The Globe

The Globe

The Globe Public House

Long Street

Long Street Baptist Chapel.

Long Street Chapel

Holiday Lane

Long Street

Long Street

Long Street

Long Street Road

Folly Farm House

Half Way Houses

Williams Close

Hanslope Church from the north

The M1 just completed

M1 motorway

High Street stores

High Street stores

High Street stores

Carriers Close

Garage in the High Street

Back of grocers 22 High Street

Hornes butchers and Hanslope stores

High Street south

The shops in the High Street

The shops in the High Street

Sorting the mail

Garage in High Street

Going to chapel

Aerial view of the Watts Arms

The old Park Road vicarage

Tattle End Farmhouse

Market square from the church tower.

Village from the church tower

Long Street Road

North end of the High Street

view of Barnwell Buildings

5 views of Hanslope

A view of the High Street

Working mens club

George Powells garage

The New Inn

New Inn.

The Elms

The Woking Mens Club,

Post men

The Woking Mens Club

The High Street looking south

High Street looking north

Post Office

The High Street

The New Inn

The High Street

Rose Villa

The old Cock

The new Cock

Widows Row

Widows Row

Long Street Road

The old Cock public house.

Cycle parade 1909

The old Post Office

The Pound

The old Post Office

The back of the Post Office

New houses in the High Street

The 1937 coronation

Stan Plattens funeral

Castlethorp Road

The site of the Salvation Army barracks.

Salvation Army Barracks

Church from the Square

The Watts Arms

Ted Chapman

A procession along the High Street

The cycle parade 1907

The Green

The Old Manor

Park Road Farm.

Park Road Farm

Cottage on the Green

The Ivy Farm

Malt Mill Lane farm

Weavers End

The Old Vicarage

Castlethorpe Road.

Old Manor Farm


Old tree

Horse Shoe Cottages

Church Row

No 3 Barnwell Buildings

Barnwell Buildings

The Church from The Square

Bus in the Market Square

The Old Vicarage

The Green Man Today

The Bus Shelter

Veterans of Hanslope

The Green

The Horse Pond

The Square

Grocers Shop

The Square

The Green Man

Old Cottage

The old bus garage house

Stocking Green farmhouse


The Bus Garage

Church End

Stocking Green cottages

Church End

Church End

Stocking Green farm

Stocking Green

Stocking Green

Long Street Road School

Green End School

Hanslope Combind School

Top of Newport Road

Malting Farmhouse

Malting Farm House

Cottages at the top of Newport Road

Top of Newport Road

Newport Road from the Church tower

Old railway carriage

Miss Neale with railway carriage

Newport Road

Newport Road

Cottages in Long Street

Royal Wedding 1864

Charles Francis and Jane Webb

Charles & Caroline Webb

The top Of Newport Road

Tattle End Bungalow

Tattle End Cottages

Cottages in Gold Street

Gold Street

Hanslope Park Party

Unknown Family

Aerial View

Aerial View

Gold Street

The Black Smiths Shop

Gold Street

The Black Bull

The Green

Elm Tree House

The High Street

Hanslope St James,s Football Club1896-1897

Street Party

The Woad Farm

Cecil Wray and Bill Gabel

Jack Eakins and Doris Carpenter

Hilda Guymer and Den Horne

Mrs Beatrice Garratt

Mr Willingham

The New Inn

The wedding of Frederick Garratt to Louisa Cook

Threshing at Tathall End

Violet Gibbs

Daisy Grace and her father Gerry Grace

Herbert and Minnie Garratt.

Freda and Albert Garratt

The wedding of Sid Garratt and Joyce Carpenter

Village lads in front of the pavilion