Churchyard Inscription

The following inscription mentions Elizabeth Checkley

Tomb: In affectionate remembrance of James second son of George and Elizabeth Checkley who died on the 7th day of April1879 aged 35 years Also of Rebecca widow of the late John Checkley of Lincoln Lodge Hanslope who died Nov 8th 1933 aged 82 years Also of John George son of John and Rebecca Checkley who died 3rd April 1959 aged 81years Also of William Checkley died Sept 8th 1926 aged 80 years Sacred to the memory of Richard eldest son of George and Elizabeth Checkley who died 17th June aged 12 years 10 months Also of John Checkley who died Jan 10th 1901 at Lincoln Lodge aged 51 years "The Pain Of Death Is Past And Life's Short Labour Closed At Last Labour And Sorrows Cease His Soul Is Found In Peace"