Churchyard Inscription

The following inscription mentions Joseph Cox

In Memory
of Joseph Cox, Sen.
who exchanged this life
the 11th of January 1759
Aged 92 years
Also Eliza. his Wife died
March 15th 1762 Aged 101
Their Descendants at her death
were 10 childr. 62 Grand Children
and 102 Great Grand Children
in all 174

Transcriber's note: Around the year 2000 when a survey of gravestones was made, this inscription was missed. The photograph below was made from a print made from a Kodachrome slide taken in the 1960s. The reverse side of the gravestone recorded Charles and Lucretia Cox. This second inscription was noticed in 2000, but was then almost unreadable.

The following are images of the monument containing this inscription.

Source of image:  Andrew Cox, a descendant; 1960s

Source of image:  R Dymond, 8/10/2013