Summary for One Person

The following references to Guy Parkins for the period 1575 to 1662 may be relevant.

Name married yoB yoI Source Notes
Guy Parkyns   1595 Parent at baptism Parent of Ann
Guy Parkyns   1597 Parent at baptism Parent of Barbara
Guye Parkins   1599 Beneficiary of will Will of Katherine Edes
Guy Parkins   1600 Parent at baptism Parent of Jane
Guye Perkins   1602 Parent at baptism Parent of Edmund
Guy Parkins   1608 Witness of will Will of Richard Reve
Guy Parkins   1613 Trustee of will Will of Alice Reeve
Guy Parkines   1630 Spouse at burial Husband of Elizabeth
Guy Parkins U   1640 Baptism Parent Edward
Guy Parkins   1660 Burial
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Note: yoB is year of birth according to the source record, if available
         yoI is year of interest: the year in which the event listed took place.