Summary for One Person

The following references to Mary West for the period 1788 to 1896 may be relevant.

Name married yoB yoI Source Notes
Mary West   1804 Burial
Mary Ann West U   1806 Baptism Parents Thomas and Mary
Mary West   1806 Parent at baptism Parent of Elizabeth; spouse Thomas
Mary West   1806 Parent at baptism Parent of Mary; spouse Thomas
Mary West W   1813 Bride Marriage to William Nichols
Mary West   1824 Witness of will Will of Catherine Gough
Mary West 1796 1841 Census No relations for 1841
Mary West U 1803 1851 Census No relationship provided
Mary West   1853 Executor of will Housekeeper of Joseph Gregory, probate 1855
Mary West 1792 1860 Burial
10 records displayed as possibly relevant out of 21 references to Mary West.
Note: yoB is year of birth according to the source record, if available
         yoI is year of interest: the year in which the event listed took place.